Thank you for visiting Fairfax Hypnosis! We specialize in spiritual hypnosis, in all forms.

We all have a tremendous amount of energy and potential within us. Too often we can’t access that energy and potential because we are working against ourselves; our conscious and our unconscious, our mind and our body, our self and our spirit, are not aligned. Spiritual hypnosis brings us into alignment with ourselves and with nature to regain access to our energy and our potential and to rediscover our true nature of love and compassion.

Fairfax Hypnosis offers both individual sessions as well as group sessions that are held about every month in Burke, Virginia. For more information on our group sessions, as well as to sign up to attend, please visit




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Group sessions have a suggested donation of $20, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. The group sessions are a good way to get a more visceral sense of what the possibilities of spiritual hypnosis are.

Individual sessions cost $120 per session and are specifically tailored to the individual’s needs. These sessions can whatever focus you want, but some popular choices are:

  • Learning how to meditate
  • Deepening one’s meditation practice
  • Exploring past lives
  • Overcoming spiritual blockages
  • Finding personal peace within
  • Develop one’s own personal resources of strength and compassion

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us with any questions you have or to set up an appointment. We also have lots of great information on hypnosis in general, and spiritual hypnosis in particular, at About Hypnosis and About Spiritual Hypnosis.