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Fairfax Hypnosis specializes in spiritual hypnosis. Spiritual hypnosis can be used to explore and deepen any spiritual practice, including meditation, creative visualization, and personal or interpersonal exploration. By unlocking energy that is stuck in old wounds or stories about ourselves, spiritual hypnosis can address almost any issue.

Spiritual hypnosis is a modality for spiritual growth and personal exploration. Spiritual hypnosis shares many characteristics in common with other spiritual modalities, including meditation and shamanic journeying. Spiritual hypnosis is not a spiritual path; however, it can be used to help one’s progress on any spiritual path, and it can be used in conjunction with any other spiritual modality.

The purpose of spiritual hypnosis is similar to that of many other spiritual modalities: to enhance the communication and connection between the conscious and the unconscious mind. In this it is very similar to meditation, particularly mindfulness meditation. In mindfulness meditation, one increases one’s awareness of one’s environment (which includes both external and internal stimuli) to the point that any disturbance or affect in one’s unconscious immediately enters one’s conscious awareness. Increasing this connection between the conscious and the unconscious leads one to a greater harmony of being, where the body and mind work together to heal any physical or psychological hurts. Better communication between the conscious and the unconscious also leads to a greater realization of one’s own being. Without this connection and communication between the conscious and unconscious, neuroses and self-destructive behavioral patterns may arise.

Spiritual hypnosis as a modality for spiritual growth is relatively little known; over the last 150 years or so, professional hypnosis has primarily been used either as an adjunct for medical treatment or to accomplish specific personal goals. Hypnosis works wonderfully to help treat psychological as well as certain physical issues, and it also is very useful for accomplishing goals such being more productive and creative at work or increasing one’s athletic abilities for professional sports players. However, spiritual hypnosis is another use for hypnosis that can potentially awaken one to one’s true nature of love and compassion.

Spiritual hypnosis offers a few advantages over more traditional spiritual modalities. Meditation, for example, often requires much practice and discipline for the meditator to achieve spiritual benefits, and many people find it hard to stick with it. However, with spiritual hypnosis, even people who have never meditated before can go into a deep meditative state. For that reason, spiritual hypnosis is often more accessible to people have tried meditation but didn’t find that it did much for them. In fact, spiritual hypnosis can help people establish a regular meditation practice, because once you have been guided to the meditative state by a spiritual hypnotist, it is much easier to then get back to that state on your own. That’s one way in which spiritual hypnosis can help people with other spiritual modalities. Spiritual hypnosis isn’t just for beginners at meditation, either; I have used spiritual hypnosis on some people who have very established meditation practices and who regularly go very deep into meditation, and they have said that having me guide them into the meditative state allowed them to go deeper than they were usually able to go on their own.

There are two reasons why spiritual hypnosis is often more accessible than other spiritual practices, especially for beginners. The first is that spiritual hypnosis requires a guide (the hypnotist) to hypnotize the subject into a state of deep suggestibility, where the conscious and the unconscious become much closer to each other. This hypnotic trance opens up the unconscious to powerful, positive suggestions; the mind becomes more fluid and elastic. In this state of mind, the mind’s vast potential can be directed and explored in whatever direction one likes: one can go deeper in meditation, have an out-of-body experience, regress to past lives, and much more. Experienced meditators can reach that state of trance on their own, but most people have a hard time with it.

The second reason is that a good spiritual hypnotist has studied the science and art of hypnosis and knows the kinds of triggers and stimuli that can lead the mind to a meditative trance more quickly and easily. Most meditation practices do not incorporate this knowledge, because they are traditional practices that have been around for thousands of years. But the science of hypnosis has made incredible progress over the last 150 years, and the techniques discovered by great hypnotists like Dave Elman, Milton Erickson and Richard Bandler can help anyone go deeper into meditative and spiritual states, from the experienced practitioner to the complete novice.

If you are interested in experiencing this, we offer both group and individual spiritual hypnosis sessions. For more information on our group sessions, as well as to sign up to attend, please visit




Group sessions have a suggested donation of $20, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. The group sessions are a good way to get a more visceral sense of what the possibilities of spiritual hypnosis are.

Individual sessions cost $120 per session and are specifically tailored to the individual’s needs. These sessions can whatever focus you want, but some popular choices are:

  • Learning how to meditate
  • Deepening one’s meditation practice
  • Exploring past lives
  • Overcoming spiritual blockages
  • Finding personal peace within
  • Develop one’s own personal resources of strength and compassion

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